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Erin Blake (MSW ’22)

Program: Full Time

Specialized Practice:

Field of Practice:
Children, Youth, and Families

Field placement: Action for Boston City Development (ABCD) Youth Services and The Boston Center

Favorite Study Spot: The Murray House

Dream job:
My dream job is to work with children and families that have been affected by the child welfare system. I would like to conduct individualized and family therapy for families with newly fostered or adopted children. Although this is just one of my dreams, I hope to work in and around the child welfare system in many capacities, such as directly as a caseworker and more broadly in policy conversations.

I chose BCSSW after an insane amount of research on all types of therapists (e.g., LCSW, LMHC, PsyD, PhD, etc.) and in the end it came down to the connections and community I felt at BCSSW. I felt very supported throughout the application process, and that has carried over to my time as a student. As a Social Worker in training, it is so important to feel confident and competent in yourself and those around you. I felt that from BCSSW during the admissions process, and now I have a blueprint that I will look to find during my career search.

Favorite BCSSW class: My favorite class is probably Solution-Focused Therapy that I am taking right now with Susan Tohn. I find the modality very in line with my value of the client being an expert in their own life, and it is something I can see myself practicing in my career.

Typical Availability: 

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